Art Grows in Brooklyn
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A little bit about me:

I am a Brooklyn born artist. Working in oil paint, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.
My work is mostly from life, incorporating elements that are observational from the day to day to others that happen to evolve independently. Most recently, working in public has meant a lot to me from drawing on the train to painting in the park. 
It has been an inexhaustible source of feedback and input leading to personal and artistic growth. Hearing the candid no holds barred commentary from the average New Yorker is certainly food for thought and a valuable tool.

My formal art education is unremarkable but it began early at age 12 with classes at the Brooklyn Museum. I continued on to attend the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan then moving on to classes at the Arts Students League and the New York Academy of Art. 

 In my career I worked professionally as a limited edition fine art lithographer at the American Atelier in N.Y.C where I collaborated with many established artists by making plates, mixing colors and running the press to produce the finished work.

With time I ultimately took those color matching skills into the restoration field where I have worked for many years until today.

As for my printmaking, I hand pull all my prints on a Conrad combination press in my studio. I do all the work of each stage of the printmaking process such as lithographic, relief, and some dry point. 
When the final print of an edition is made, the original plate is destroyed and a cancellation print is made to document the destruction of the image and to verify that no additional prints can be made. 

Well that's it, there's not much more to say and I'm no writer, so I hope my work will speak for itself and you will speak to me by letting me know what you think of it.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my gallery space and I look forward to discussing
the creative process with you.